These are a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any queries not answered here then please don't hesitate to contact us using the form on this page.

How do I get started?

Buy one of our packages. On purchase you'll be directed to a page with download links for:
1) Your welcome pack
2) PAR Q Exercise questionnaire
3) Links to download MyOnline Coach app
4) Some advise on how to take body measurements

How do I access MyOnline Coach software?

Once your purchase has been registered with us, we will add you to the system and you will receive an email inviting you to log in and create a password - please check your junk or spam box if it doesn't appear in your in-box.

Should I weigh myself everyday?

No your shouldn't! Weight loss is not the same for everyone and in the early stages you could see a sizeable decrease, only for it to level off, plateau or even rise slightly. Weigh yourself once a week on the same day or preferably every two weeks.

If I'm using weights how do I know what weight I should be using?

Choose a weight that allows you to do the first 10 reps with moderate difficulty. By the end of the tenth rep, you should find it a little difficult to lift but not so difficult as to strain, hold your breath, or shake excessively. If you do, drop down a little.

What are sets and reps?

Rep (repetition) is one complete motion of an exercise. A set is the number of reps (repetitions. E.g. x5 reps could equal 1 set. So x10 and 3 sets means you do 10 reps, rest then complete 10 more rest and then do the final set.

I've been overweight for a long time. Are you still able to help me?

As long as you are willing to 'help yourself', it starts with you. We can only show you the way, but you need to put the work in. If you can commit to helping yourself, then together we can get you results.

I hate exercising can I lose weight without doing any?

Yes you - and no! Think of food as fuel (which basically it is) and compare yourself to a car with a full tank. If you didn't drive the car, there would always be a full tank. Same as you. If you don't use up the calories you take in they get stored. The difference between you and a car is that you don't just sit there, you move, so you are using some of this 'stored' energy. You could eat much smaller portions, avoid those things you know are bad for you. It could work, you could loose some weight, but it's unlikely, because for weight-loss to occur you need to be in calorie deficit, that means using more than you're consuming, usually achieved by eating less and moving more. So rather than no exercise, you should be looking to include or increase it in your daily routines. The physical and health benefits associated with exercise are numerous and coupled with a proper healthier nutrition guide your weight loss goals will be easier to achieve.

Do I have to go to the gym to do the workouts?

It's your choice! The advantage of the gym, is that it gets you out of the house and into an exercise focused environment. You have a huge choice of equipment to choose from, either for cardio, or weights for strength building and you may benefit from an environment where other like minded people are gathered; the social aspect of group exercise helps motivate some people. Alternatively, you can take long brisk walks, cycle, run or swim for cardio and buy yourself some resistance bands to help with strength and conditioning. The choice is yours. As long as you do the work, how you do it only matters to you.

I don't like using weight is there and alternative?

Yes you can use resistance bands. They are cheer to purchase than weights and can be easily stored or carried other locations like the beach or the garden for use. Used correctly they will provide similar strength and conditioning benefits and can be used together with free weights to provide lifted assistance or resistance.

What happens if I have an old or current injury?

Well firstly if you have a concern then you should seek medical advise as to what you can and cannot do. Passing that information to us, will then enable us to agree with you either an acceptable workout plan or a recommendation by us for you to seek out someone with greater expertise.

I'm fed up doing all this work can I get a refund?

It's perfectly normal for you to feel like this. It happens to all of us. If you change your mind, then sorry, no we will not issues a refund. We urge you to carry on and persue those goals you first set down before starting - talk to us, we also hear the Krispy Kreme, Chicken Nuggets and Pizza calling - we know how you feel!

I'm going on holiday can I put my program on hold and continue when I get back?

We'd have to review your circumstances. There's still a benefit in recording any exercise and food consumed while away to see what impact, if any it would have on your overall progress.

I've injured myself and can't train, can I postpone until I'm fit again?

First off, if you injure yourself then it's sensible to stop all exercise. Consult us, and possibly a GP for additional medical advise. We'd need to know how you injured yourself, was it exercise related? Could it have been prevented? If it was in a gym, did you receive the initial equipment induction training? We will do our best to look at how we can re-adjust your program or put it on hold until you are recovered.

Am I required to take photos and what will you do with them?

Yes photos are required so we can both track your progress visually. We would also like to use these photos to promote our services and celebrate your success. Photo permission for UK use is required for all minors and at risk adults only. However, before we we'd like to use a photo for our promotional purposes, we will ask you for permission. Please also note, that photos do not have to include head and face shots, if you require anonymity, but we may request proof that the body images are in fact you and not someone else :)

Do you offer meal plans?

All our fitness programs (except Boxercise/Boxfit) include nutrition advised suited to your weight loss requirements (food allergies and specific requirements must be communicated to us). We will also for the Enterprise, Deluxe and Super programs supply a recipe book in PDF format.

Can I lose fat from particular areas?

No! You cannot spot target fat. Your body decides where it's going to shed fat. You can work on particular areas to increase strength and tone up but that's it.

Do diet pills work?

No they don't. Some fat burning pills may aid you when used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and exercise plan - but their are no magic weight loss pills.

If I do loads of sit ups will I burn fat?

Sit ups will help develop your core strength, but they will not burn fat. They will also help develop your abs, but if you want defined abs, you have to start in the kitchen! Reduce calories, burn abs, perform the ab workouts and eventually you'll get defined abs.